100 Years of Rolex (1164)

Franca & Guido Mondani

One volume in an elegant slipcase
English and Italian texts.

A limited edition of 299 examples worldwide which explains every Rolex model produced in 100 years. Attached are the estimates of all published watches.

A 336 pages book in an elegant slipcase; an essential guide to know everything about Rolex wristwatches, about their history and their value.
If you have any question or doubt, this book will tell you what you need to know.

There are a lot of things to know about Rolex:

Which are the most collectable Rolexes?
When was the first Submariner produced?
And the first GMT-Master?
Why the name Milgauss?
Which model could have the name Metropolitan, Everest or Explorer on the dial?
When was the launch of the meteorite dial for the Daytona?
Why Paul Newman?
What is the exclamation dial?
Which are the James Bond Rolexes?
In which famous movies we can see a Rolex watch?
Was the manual winding Cosmograph Daytona realized in the stainless steel and gold version?
What is the ā€œunderlineā€?
Which Rolex is defined Duo Dial?
Where can we see the inscription Radiomir?
Which are the main characteristics of the DeepSea?

Here you will find all these answers and much more !

An indispensable guide to collect, invest, buy, sell and trade modern and vintage Rolex watches.

Attached are the estimates of every Rolex.

Shipping worldwide.

336 Pages • color ill. • Format : 25.5 x 31.5 cm.
Prix : CHF 390.00 • € 325.00