MATTERHORN - Portrait of a Mountain, PortrÀt eines Berges (05067)

by award-winning photographer Nenad Saljic

“THERE are some images that can only be captured by someone with a personal, and borderline spiritual, understanding of a location. Photographer Nenad Saljic’s new book contains perhaps one of the best recent examples of this. Within its pages there are a variety of ‘portraits’ of a single location: Switzerland’s famous (and at times infamous) Alpine mountain, the Matterhorn. Nenad trained as a mountaineer and caver in his youth, and it was these experiences that caused him to fall deeply in love with, as he terms it, ‘nature’s most ancient textures, forms and shapes’. In this volume we find a visual document of Nenad’s love affair with the Matterhorn. Each image shows the vast formation under a variety of weather conditions – mist, storm, sun and rain. A pure overwhelming beauty suffuses every image. Matterhorn is an incredible and perfect encapsulation of the sublime.” ?????
Oliver Atwell, The latest and best books from the world of photography July 18, 2015

All major historic moments related to this incredible mountain are related.

Bilingual English/German

120 Pages • 43 b/w Duotone p • Format : 30 x 30 cm.
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